Indigenius Society 

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Nane, founder and brand owner of Indigenius Society. I'm a passionate advocate for individuality, self expression and aligning with our true selves. I'm grateful for the opportunity to use this brand to express authentic stories and style, influenced by my experience as a first generation Tongan American.

Indigenius Society, formerly Tālita Kumi, was founded in January 2021. ”Indigenius" combines "indigenous" and "genius," symbolic of what we offer as a brand. A unique blend of indigenous brilliance and intellect. It captures our commitment to expressing Indigenous ingenuity. 

As Polynesian women, we are natural storytellers, and getting our stories out there is no small task. We deliver authentic narratives through the art of fashion and storytelling. We believe we need do no more than show up wholeheartedly as ourselves, with narratives that reflect our own empowerment, our sense of community and pride in being trailblazers.