The Tongan Double Clash OG Letterman Jacket

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Tapa Bucket Hat

This raw canvas bucket hat is made from natural cotton. inspired by the color of Tapa from the Kingdom of Tonga. Featuring a full smooth textured brim. Oversized fit for all.

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Talita Kumi Hoodie (Military Green)

Tālita Kumi is inspired by the bible scripture "Mark 5:41 Talita Koum" which translates to "Little girl, I say to you arise".Talitha Koum" transcends its historical context and holds a universal message of empowerment, spiritual awakening, renewal, and compassion that resonates across different cultures and contexts. It encourages individuals to embrace resilience, inner strength, and the potential for transformation and renewal in their lives.

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Kavei Koula

Kavei Koula translates to Golden Pillars in Tongan. There are four golden pillars in Tongan culture:

1) Lototō (Humility)

2) Mamahi'i Me'a (Passion)

3) Tauhi Vā (Reciprocity) 

4) Faka'apa'apa (Respect) 

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At Indigenius Society, we're driven by a passion for individuality, self-expression, and staying true to ourselves. Our mission is to inspire others to do the same, one story at a time. We blend cultural heritage with 'California cool,' offering fashion that transcends trends and celebrates diversity. Join us as we elevate wardrobes with authenticity and a commitment to self-discovery.