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Indigenius Society

Military Green Hoodie (Slim Fit)

Military Green Hoodie (Slim Fit)

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Tālita Kumi is inspired by the bible scripture "Mark 5:41 Talita Koum" which translates to "Little girl, I say to you arise". Talitha Koum" transcends its historical context and holds a universal message of empowerment, spiritual awakening, renewal, and compassion that resonates across different cultures and contexts. It encourages individuals to embrace resilience, inner strength, and the potential for transformation and renewal in their lives.

MADE INTENTIONALLY: OUR mission at Indigenius Society is to deliver authentic narratives, and woven into that mission is the inherit desire to create meaningful partnerships within our community. For our first major launch, it was critical for us to work with local Bay Area vendors that aligned with our values. With that in mind - we’re proud to share that our first collections were printed in the heart of the peninsula by a family-operated, WOC print house.

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