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Tangimausia Tshirt AAPI Heritage Month

Tangimausia Tshirt AAPI Heritage Month

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Happy AAPI Heritage Month! This tshirt is inspired by the beauty and rarity of the Tangimoucia flower of Taveuni, Fiji. It exclusively thrives only in Taveuni soil, resisting cultivation anywhere else in the world despite numerous attempts to duplicate it. 

Discover the essence of cultural authenticity with Indigenius Society, a unique streetwear brand crafted in the vibrant Bay Area, California. Rooted in Tongan heritage and inspired by Indigenous Polynesian values, our clothing seamlessly blends traditional designs with contemporary streetwear aesthetics. Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Pacific islands, where every stitch tells a story of pride, identity, and connection. Polynesian, Pacific Island and more accurately Pasifika inspired art. 


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